Men v. Cider Mill: Week 2

The men take on Erwin’s Cider Mill in South Lyon


Matt Choate

Trent Ficaro and Jonny Zeffero at Erwin’s

This week on men vs cider mill we visited Erwin’s Cider Mill in South Lyon. We will be grading it by the same classes as last time. 

The doughnuts had a nice warm feel, gooey on the inside, and were even better when you dunk them in the cider. We also thought the process was very well executed, almost assembly line like in nature, which was very good. Their donuts were a 7/10. 

The cider was very tasty, refreshing, and enjoyable. . It was a very natural taste yet still sweet. It was one of the better ciders that we’ve all had so we decided to give the cider an 8/10!

At the Erwin’s,there isn’t as much entertainment as the last, but there are still some good attractions. For the kids they have a tire pile up that the kids can plan on and a row of hay bales. This is very good for the kids but there wasn’t much to do for the adults. For the adults, all they had was apple picking and hayrides. Overall there isn’t much to do if your looking for a whole day experience. If you plan on going for a half day it’ll be fine, i’m giving the entertainment a 6/10.  

The scenery at Erwin’s is a little bland. The buildings and apple orchard look nice, but other than that there wasn’t much to look at. So overall, the scenery does not have that good of a rating. We decided to give scenery a 5/10. 

The customer service was not up to par. At Spicer’s, they had greeters that welcomed you to the property and everyone was very friendly. At Erwin’s they were just employees, they were not unfriendly, but it was not welcoming. Overall we give it a 6/10.

The cider mill was decent, the doughnuts was good and so was the cider. But with the scenery and poor entertainment it didn’t give it a classic cider mill feel. So with after visiting Erwin’s Cider Mill we’re giving it a 7/10.