School spirit takes over Brighton

A look back at HoCo Spirit Week 2019


Adrian Kozakov

Senior Jack Cataldo and Junior Andrew Lenner dressed to impress on Preppy Day Thursday)

Aidan Riley and Morgan Loiselle

Last week was homecoming week at BHS, and there was no shortage of spirit in the halls. Throughout the five days of spirit week, students dressed up in monochrome, time travel (throwback), biker and surfer, preppy, and black and orange themes.

Counselor and Exec Board leader Jeffery Miner said that spirit week at BHS has dated back to the early 1970s. Last week, the days were quite different and required more thought. “It gives a good chance to show school spirit, and it’s about having fun.” 

The first three themes were new to BHS, and almost everyone got into spirit and dressed up for these days. “We expected a few people not to dress up because of new days might be hard to dress up for, but we expected a lot of people to still go for it,” said Leadership student Hunter Holm. 

The school’s leadership team brought all the ideas to spirit week. They just wanted to try something new and switch it up from the same old spirit days from past years. “We were just tired of the same old thing,” Leadership student Lucas Copple said. “In leadership this year, we’re trying to bring a new era to the high school and make it better for the students.”

Spirit week was important to all the students at BHS. It got everybody ready for both the homecoming game and the dance and brought energy that is not usually seen in the halls. “I’ve seen a lot of participation in the spirit days, everyone’s excited for homecoming and the assembly,” said Copple.

There were plenty of students dressing up for every day. The freshmen had the most spirit on monochrome Monday, and the seniors won time travel Tuesday.  The sophomores won bikers vs. surfers on Wednesday, and the seniors won preppy day on Thursday. Friday for black and orange day didn’t have a winner.

Another important event that went on during spirit week was the homecoming assembly. Students competed in games in the fieldhouse, there were leadership, pom, and cheer routines, and the homecoming court was announced in front of everybody. The seniors ended up being the homecoming champions, winning the most combined assembly games and spirit days.

Homecoming was a great experience for all students. From the spirit weekdays to the dance, BHS halls were full of school spirit and positive attitudes.