Welcome all dogs

Brighton’s Pack of Dogs includes new-to-BHS Alley

Yale Zultowski, Staff Writer

 Do you love seeing cute dogs at school? Brighton High School is filled with them and they just got a new recruitment, Alley. 

Brighton High School is one of the most dog friendly schools in the district. All of the Brighton schools have many dogs, up to three in each school. Recently, Brighton High school has gained another pup. All of the dogs get great care and are really looked after. Many of the dogs are spread throughout the high school in different classes and areas. 

Alley, the newest dog at BHS, was recently taken in by Jonathan Wendrick. Wendrick and his wife had been thinking about getting a dog and their daughter Emma always really wanted one. 

Mr. Johnson sent out an email to the BHS staff that they would be accepting applications for anyone wanting to be the host family for a therapy dog, and we decided to go for it,” said science Wendrick.  “We didn’t tell our kids that we applied, but [our daughter] Emma kept saying that all she wanted for Christmas was a therapy dog that could go to school with me.” 

The dogs go through many different kinds of training, such as Good Citizens and Obedience Training. Many receive training to be  therapy dogs. The host family or teacher looking over the dog is obligated to take the dog to training and to have a few test sleepovers. Brighton High School teacher Jody Renicker stated that the “Dogs give kids a sense of happiness and comfort and overall makes school feel a little more like home.”

These dogs have been a joy at the high school for students and staff. Many BHS students love having them for comfort or as a little distraction from school. Zach Thomas, a senior at Brighton High School, enjoys petting the dogs while walking by and how they make kids smile each day. 

Senior at BHS Avery Smith gets the chance to see most of the dogs every day in her peer mediation class. Avery enjoys seeing the dogs every day, she loves to pet them and the fact that they are available all the time to pet. Sometimes she will have to take the dog out for a potty break and she will then just start playing with them and it gives her a nice ending to her day. 

“I bet other students at the school with anxiety and other types of mental illnesses, the dogs are a nice stress reliever for them just because it brightens their day and makes them better,” said Smith.

Though the dogs are a bundle of fun, they are a lot to take care of. All host families have to go through training and learn commands. The dogs are young and excited and like to follow people around. They each have their own personalities, making it harder to teach them and for them to learn. 

They have a certain calming effect to the school and they always put a smile on everyone’s faces. It is a delight to have so many dogs at the school and it is very helpful. It brings a certain joy to school seeing the dogs around or seeing them play in the courtyard, which is something the students need more in BHS.