War of the Worlds coming to the BCPA

The stage play War of the Worlds will be showcased at the BCPA from Nov. 1-Nov. 3.


Ivy Muench

Amy Goller gives actors of War of the Worlds additional words of wisdom and positive remarks about the uncostumed run-through. The actors of War of the Worlds sat on the BCPA stage after an uncostumed run-through on Oct. 27.

Ivy Muench, Co-Editor in Chief

What is better than supporting BHS students and taking time to relax the weekend after exams? BHS student actors are taking part to put on War of the Worlds and all are welcome. The dates include Friday, Nov. 1 at 7:30 pm, Saturday, Nov. 2 at 2 pm and 7:30 pm, and Sunday, Nov. 3 at 2 pm. 

Set in the year 1938, this play showcases New York City and its unexpected alien invasion that leaves the city in panic. Auditions for War of the Worlds were conducted in the first week of September. Dress rehearsal was last weekend, Oct. 26 and Oct 27, to work out most of the kinks before presenting it this weekend. 

The interesting thing is that this play was adapted from the CBS Radio Series, which only allowed for sounds to illustrate the alien invasion. It was meant to seem so real that the audience would believe New York was actually being invaded as a Halloween surprise. It originally aired on Oct. 30, 1938. Betsy Allardice and Amy Goller with some helpers were able to create the visual aspect of this radio play. 

The audience will be able to see how sounds are made on radio through the use of a folding table on the side of the stage. Sounds produced from that table replicate sounds used for radio plays like this one.

In order to add dimension, two BHS graduates Kyle Bearer and Matthew Trisch added to the original script and created two new characters. In total, there are 58 students involved in making War of the Worlds a success. With the play’s additions, the play comes out to be an hour and ten minutes with no intermission.

Behind the scenes, BHS Dramatic Arts has a tight-knit community with positive energy that makes this play even more worthwhile. Senior Hannah Murphy said, “It’s a super fun process. We all get to work together to put together this huge performance and it’s super rewarding to be able to put on such a cool show.”

Ivy Muench
Madi Haefner, Lucy Demers, Audrey Beaton, Jenna Jacobs, and Glory Croscheck stand on the stage. Beaton talks with Jacobs about what changes to make about a certain scene. These actors stood on the BCPA stage as their directors in the audience gave comments on their performance and improvements to be made.

Murphy added, “I am looking forward to putting on my last play production of my high school career, and I am very excited to show off this super cool performance.”

Goller commented that she was looking forward to “Seeing people enjoy it, seeing the cast enjoy it and seeing the audience enjoy it.” It was clear that the other members of this production felt the same way. 

You are able to read the actor’s list, learn more information about War of the Worlds, and purchase your tickets online on the BHS Dramatic Arts Website. In addition, tickets will also be sold Monday through Friday in the lunchroom and sold at the door on showdays.

Ticket sales include: Seniors and children are $8, students are $5, and adults are $12. 

For any curious to-be audience members, look out for a special surprise in seating between Row J to Center.  

Ivy Muench
Robert Eckert, Andrew Wilson, Wyatt Feldman, and Ryan Newcomb make adjusts at the audio and lighting table as the actors prepare their hair and makeup. Within the BCPA, sound department/booth sits within the audience. These individuals were getting ready for the show being put on this weekend.