Exam week woes

Preparing for exams is different but not impossible

Peyton Galloway, Copy Editor

This year many things have changed at Brighton High School. No phones in class, no after school tutoring, and for exams, no sip-and-study. How are the students going to prepare for exams?

Senior Valerie Minnick, the vice president of AST (After School Tutoring), said “I know all of my teachers are willing and able to help me if I need it.”

Spanish teacher Stephanie Carroll, who ran the AST program, said that while she is sad to see it go, she is encouraging students to get help from teachers who are there from 2:19 to 2:50. 

Other students are having to find alternate ways to study, especially upperclassmen. Junior Ashley Porth said, “I am so used to going to after school study sessions that I am changing the way I study.” She said she is going to her teachers, comparing, and reviewing notes. 

New student Abby Carpenter, who has never had a quarterly exam before, said that she is finding ways to study through other students and their ideas, “I have been watching videos on the topics of my classes, talking to my teachers if I need extra help, and I am going to a study session at someone’s house for one of my classes!” 

Without AST and sip-and-study, students and teachers are adapting to the new circumstances. Students are going to teacher run study sessions, at-home study sessions, and changing the way they study for the exams that are 10% of their grade. Although there has been a decline in resources to students around exam time, there are plenty of options to help ace that exam.

Exam Study Tips

  • Ask your teachers for help – come prepared with specific questions or areas of concern
  • Find a group of friends to study with
  • Review your notes and old tests and quizzes
  • Use Khan Academy or other videos to help
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Take breaks, stay hydrated, and eat well