Holiday events happening soon

Holiday Glow kicks off the Christmas season in Brighton

Lucas Vasconcelos, Staff Writer

A great event is coming in Downtown Brighton on Main Street on Nov. 23 called Holiday Glow. Every year it is a fun event with lights, live music, decorations, and high energy people. It’s a good opportunity to attract children, and it’s a very exciting event because usually Santa Claus is there as well as Elves, horses walking on the street, and other attractions. 

Wyatt Feldmann, a Brighton High School student, has volunteered at this event for the last 7 years. He said that there are a lot of ways high school students can get involved, such as simple things like emptying the trash, putting up ropes and signs, or anything the event planner asks them to do. 

“It’s always a good time at Holiday Glow,” said Feldmann

He especially enjoys seeing Santa came down from his sleigh and use his magic key to turn all the lights on in downtown. He also loves watching the tree lighting because, according to him, “It’s like the beginning of the Christmas season for Brighton.”

Brighton resident of two years, Anita Moliterno, usually goes to these local events. She commented that  it is a good experience for teens to enjoy this event. Teens can volunteer doing several jobs such as decorating the Christmas trees, serving holiday treats to the children, singing in the choir, and dressing up in holiday costumes. 

“It’s a good time to put down the cell phones and just enjoy the Christmas spirit,” Moliterno said.

Holiday Glow is an event that brings the Brighton community together for the holiday season. It happens this year on Nov. 23 from 4 pm to 7 pm sponsored by the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce