Election day is coming

Jacob Klonowski, Staff Writer

Election day is what sets our nation apart from the others. Every November, the first Tuesday after November first, our country goes to the poll booths to help decide one of our next leaders.

 Every four years, the main election occurs, and we vote for the president and the vice president that will stand beside him. Every two years is what is called a “midterm” election. This is where the congressional members are chosen with voters choosing one third of the senators and every member from the house of representatives. The final election type is city and state, these can happen anytime throughout the year and typically decide a statewide governor, state legislature, or as simple as a city voting for mayor. 

When turning 18, everyone receives a postcard inviting you to register to vote. From there you can either fill it out and mail it back in or register at your local DMV. Some people simply do not care to vote– they think that one single vote will not affect the outcome– but imagine if everyone thought this way. As an American citizen, it is your duty to vote, keeping this country free and voicing your opinion is a big part of living in this country. 

There are quite a few eligible to vote at BHS, Senior Ian Hummel turned 18 this past month. “I still haven’t registered to vote, but I plan to before the 2020 election,” Hummel said.