Future of wrestling at BHS

Matt Choate and Brady MacDonald

The future of the wrestling team was looking dim in August, but is there a light at the end of the tunnel? With Head coach Tony Greathouse leaving the wrestling team on short notice there was a big spot to fill. It was hard to find the right guy for the position, but the team thinks they got a good pick. They ended up choosing Al Freeman, the former coach of Walled Lake Western who recently moved to Brighton for the opening spot. His son Sam Freeman is also on the team, which could add to the team chemistry.

Assistant coach Matthew Wisniewski Says he feels good about the new head coach. With Al Freeman as the head coach he believes they have another shot at the state title. He also said there has been some struggle in the last couple months but every one is aboard and ready to go till the end.

The wrestlers are very happy with the coach so far as well. “Personally I’ve had that coach for a long time so I feel pretty good about him, said senior Aiden Brown. “With his Coaching style it’s a nice mix up for the team. Focusing more on technique and less on grinding it out.  He’s very good at getting the technique down, it will help us fine tune our skills for this year.”

The Brighton Boys Wrestling team has shown that they have earned their keep at the top of the ladder. Since 2011, they have had five “final four” appearances, 2 semifinal appearances, and one state championship. The wrestling team has also brought home six individual state champions since 2012 and have had 24 State placers since 2011. They have made an incredible run and it doesn’t look like they are slowing down.

Eddie Homrock is one of the six wrestlers who has taken home an individual state title in the last eight years. Homrock is a senior this year, and his eyes are still on the prize. He will be competing in the 125 weight class and is getting ready for the upcoming season.

Even though they lost their head coach, the Dogs are still pushing on. The team works out and lifts on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as having open room practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most of the team comes out and they all are pushing for success.

Through all the good that is going on, there may be some struggles for this years wrestling team. These include being all in. “Some of the kids feel forced to wrestle by their parents or feel obligated so getting everyone to give 110% effort even when they don’t want to be there is going to be a challenge,” said Brown. 

“I Believe the wrestling team will at least make it to the state semifinals, If not the finals for the 3rd year in a row. We’re a good team but still got a lot of work to do to get into that point but with everyone doing their jobs and helping out the team I believe we can do it again,”  said senior wrestler Dane Donabedian

Though it was a rough start, the dogs are pushing for another state final appearance. With the right work ethic, the dogs should be another contender for this years state championship.