Finding a job as a student

Kyle MacKew, Staff Writer

Looking to make some money, but have no idea where to begin to look or what forms to fill out? Finding a job and the application process can be stressful for teenagers, but there are many resources Brighton High School students are able to use to help them out. 

The first step in finding work would be finding somewhere to apply to. This step is the most difficult as there are many things to consider when looking, such as pay, benefits, and location. If having trouble trying to find a job to apply to,there is a job board located in senior hall that has information on job opportunities specifically for students.

The second step in this process would be to pick up an application. Many businesses have the opportunity to apply online, but it is better to go in and pick up an application so you can put a face to the name. An application requires you to fill out information such as your address, social security number, phone number and prior work experience. 

It is important to be timely with the applications. Filling out and submitting applications as soon as possible is a good thing in the eyes of the employer. If the employer likes what they see on applications, one may get a call from them to set an interview date. 

Showing up for an interview may sound scary, but it is important to remain calm. First impressions are big, as they play a big part on if the employer will decide to hire an applicant or not.

“Dress nicely, make eye contact and be confident,” said counselor Jody Petit. Petit also said it was a good idea to speak clearly and concisely and also answer questions thoroughly. 

 If the employer thinks that the person who submitted the application and went in for the interview is a good fit for the place of work, they will most likely be called by them, and be given a time when they can start working. 

Senior Regan Murphy has worked at Rainbow Autowash, located in downtown Brighton, for about a year now. He washes and dries cars, along with doing other work at the small business. “Having a job will let you earn money and you also meet people that can give you connections to other jobs,” Murphy said. 

As a high school student, working a job, no matter how big or small, teaches  the importance of hard work and dedication, along with many other benefits.