Senior Serve: An opportunity to give back


Shara Swearengin and Yale Zultowski

This year, Senior Serve gave students the opportunity to give back to their community. Participating students did yard work, visited a children’s hospital, worked in a soup kitchen, and other things in the Detroit community. 

Senior Catie Carruthers, one of the leaders of this program, said that this can show students the outside world, and provide knowledge about other people’s lives. “Being a leader, I hope to get knowledge of my own leadership skills,” Carruthers said.

Another one of the senior serve leaders, Drake Harbrecht, said he gathered groups and chaperones together to do this trip. “I’m hoping to gain a good experience and give back, to appreciate the things I’ve got.”

Being a part of Senior Serve is an exclusive opportunity. To participate, one must have submitted an article about why he/she would be a good pick. The leaders worked with Principal Gavin Johnson to pick out students based on the contents of their articles and how the person is as a student. The leaders who helped Johnson make the decision attended Senior Serve as juniors. This gave them the background to choose what they want to focus on more. Once the students were picked, the leaders grouped them up and start asking for chaperones. At least two mothers and fathers had to stay with the kids overnight. The leaders had to talk to the community leader in Detroit and plan this all in advance. They had assigned groups with colors, and the participating students headed to the Cass Church and the Cass Community Activity Center in Detroit. 

Senior Serve was an opportunity for kids to learn different things about the community. Each day, students ate together and went off in groups to help the community and an organization, called CASS. Four juniors, three girls and one guy come to senior serve to experience it and see what the want to do differently next year. They cleaned their soup kitchen, and worked on making mats with scraps of tire. These seniors also sorted paper and shredded it to make bales of paper that would be sent to a paper mill to be made into all different kinds of paper products. At the end of the day, they had some free time to bond with other classmates and made fleece blankets for the CASS homeless shelter.   

“It is a great experience to have especially with your friends and classmates, we had some free time at the end of the day and we hung out which was really fun and I hope we can help out sometime soon again,” Catie Carruthers said.

Senior Serve gave seniors at Brighton High School the opportunity to give back to the community, but also gave them valuable time to bond with fellow seniors through hard work.