College bound athletes from BHS

Natalie Stafford, Co-Editor in Chief

Brighton High School is a name to remember when it comes to division one high school sports. A part of the KLAA conference, BHS dominates with not only its sports teams, but also with its individual players and participants as well. From swimming to volleyball, Brighton High School’s sports programs do not disappoint when it comes to producing college D1, D2, and D3 athletes. 

It is not uncommon for a student to commit to a college well before the assigned application due date of November first. Many of them have already had offers lined up for a few years. Senior Celia Cullen committed to Michigan State University in her freshman year of high school, and the offer was put out when she was an eighth grader. 

Many of these athletes go into high school with the idea of playing or participating in their sport. It does not just come from the high school season. 

Senior Lindsey Witte, who commited to Michigan State University for swimming,  said that she practices intensely year round and not just in the high school season. When she is in season, she swims for Club Wolverine. She swims four morning practices a week, along with six afternoon practices, and lifts weights and works out on Saturdays. 

Witte considered other schools, but eventually decided that Michigan State was the right school for her. “I know I wanted a balanced school that was good at both academics and swimming,” Witte said. 

Academics are a big thing to consider if a high schooler is looking to continue their sport into college. When thinking about colleges, athletes are seen as only caring about their sport, and that is simply not the case. 

The Brighton High School Athletic Director John Thompson said academics were equally as important as sports to these student athletes. “It starts in the classroom,” Thompson said. “Playing at the next level has to start from day one in Freshman year.” 

Whether an athletic scholarship is how a student plans on completing college or continuing their true passion for their sport, Brighton High School’s athletic programs help these athletes know what they’re capable of and how they can compete and play. With that being said, academics play a major role in the decision process of the majority of these students.