Brighton hosts East Kentwood for the District Championship

8-2 Brighton plays 6-4 Kentwood at 7:00 on Nov. 8

Aidan Riley, Sports & Entertainment Editor

The Brighton Bulldogs host the East Kentwood Falcons in the district championship this week, and are hoping for a different outcome from last season. In 2018, the Bulldogs played their first playoff game at East Kentwood and lost the game 31-28. Quarterback Colby Newburg played his first playoff game against Kentwood last year after former starting quarterback Will Jontz went down with an injury. “Last year, I wasn’t expecting to go in and I was really nervous when Will went down,” said Newburg. “I think a year’s experience is going to help me whether things are going bad or going really good.”

The Bulldogs have been using this loss as fuel for their entire season. They’ve been waiting for this matchup, and have been planning their “revenge tour” since last year. “I think for the seniors, it put a bad taste in our mouth from last year. It was our last game so it’s something we always think about,” said Brighton Defensive Lineman Ethan Stawiarski.

The energy around the team has been different all week. “This week felt a lot like Howell week,” said senior captain Cole Riddle. “Everyone’s a lot more locked in.”

Both Brighton and Kentwood are much different from last year. “Last year they had more speed, this year they’re just going to try and ground and pound and spread the ball out wide to their receivers,” said Riddle. “Our defense is a lot more fast and athletic.”

Both the offense and defense are prepared for a battle, and they have switched up their game plan to adjust to Kentwood. “We are going to try and get the ball to our playmakers, and our defense is going to have to shut down both their run and pass game,” said Newburg.

This Brighton team has a chip on their shoulder from last year, and clearly have extremely high motivation to win this game. It is sure to be a battle this week, and Brighton seems to be prepared for anything and everything. 

To watch the game, you can purchase a ticket for $6 at the gate of the Brighton High School football stadium or watch online at or on the Fox Sports Go app.