BHS Equestrian team wraps up their season

BHS’s unique equestrian team ensures there is something for everyone


Maureen Hill

Amelia McWilliam and her horse, Cover Girl, as well as Mary Hill and three more horses, getting a bath by the two girls during a break at their show.

Katie Tarnacki, Staff Writer

Unlike many high schools, Brighton High School has programs for every interest. For instance, Brighton has an equestrian team, unlike nearby school districts. The high school has a total of seven girls on the team, consisting of one junior, three sophomores, and three freshmen. As a sophomore or freshman, equestrian is a great way to earn a varsity letter.

Junior captain Mary Hill explained that the team finished sixth in their district this year, and is excited to see what will happen in future years as the program expands. As most of the team is underclassmen, “those girls will learn and be able to grow as riders and students as their high school career goes on,” said coach Lauren Fetner. 

Each year, there are over 100 deaths from horseback riding in the US alone. Hill explained that there were some injuries this year on the team. There were some girls who fell off their horses a couple times during a show, but nothing serious. Hill also said “on the junior team, we had a girl with a really serious injury this year, we all made her cards to get better soon.” 

Compared to past years, the team was a lot smaller this year with more underclassmen. Sophomore, Skyler Lammers, talked about the difference between this year and last year in particular. Lammers said, “We had fewer people this year, but I think that as this program gets older we’ll start to see more people join it because they’ll see that it’s such an amazing experience.” The girls participate in three meets throughout their season and although the season is pretty short, the girls will have been competing throughout the spring and summer seasons at various shows in and out of Michigan Fetner described.