Thanksgiving in 2019: How does it hold up?

Andrew Grant, Staff Writer

It’s about that time of year again! Though most are already getting set up for the big man’s day, and Black Friday is on the horizon, most might forget about the big day of reconnecting with relatives, giving thanks and eating some good turkey.

There are many components of Thanksgiving to think of. Food is definitely the main reason that makes Thanksgiving so amazing. It can also be attributed to the annual Thanksgiving football game and that nice cozy feeling before the snow really starts to set in.

Teacher Aaron Walter considers it among his favorite holidays. He said, “It’s like Christmas but without the stress of having to buy gifts, and you don’t have to be fake happy about the crappy gift you got, it gives off a more laid back vibe as well, just sit back and enjoy some good mashed potatoes and turkey.”

When it comes to turkey, people cook it in a variety of ways. Cole Kirgis, junior, prefers the regular oven roasted turkey while Walter fancies a more deep-fried approach, though he only can when it’s not super cold and snowy outside.  if he doesn’t want to risk burning the turkey, or himself.

In terms of importance, Thanksgiving is one of the  in the top three when it comes to holidays for most. “It’s definitely more important than Halloween, but in no way does it beat Christmas,” said sophomore Kenzie Neal, a Thanksgiving connoisseur and avid turkey lover. Kirgis sees it as the same level. He added,“My family treats it like a Christmas warm-up, a calm before the storm kind of feel. But it definitely feels like it has the same amount of importance.” 

Don’t forget about the decorations! Thanksgiving has one of the best holiday aesthetics with its colorful autumn feel. Many people decorate using reds, oranges and yellows to their heart’s content to really get that thankful spirit going.

Overall, this great national holiday of thanks that will continue for many years to come. With the deliciousness of that sweet cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, turkey, or other Thanksgiving favorites, people will make memories for years to come.