NHS Food Drive is ready for feed Livingston County

Working to give back more every year


Members of the NHS Food Drive count the money donated for the Nov. 11 week. Students sat within Mr. Carney’s room during the end of sixth hour on that Friday.

Ivy Muench, Co-Editor in Chief

Walking into Brighton High School, students can feel the excitement buzzing in the air. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, everyone is getting into kind and generous spirits. 

Teachers do their fair share of getting their students in the spirit of charity with fun contests, prizes, small rivalries between teachers or the desire to claim the title of highest donating class in the school. Nate Grabowski stands outside his room, riling and firing students up to donate and be involved in the NHS Gleaners Food Drive. 

This is the 10th Mountain of Food Drive and sponsored by Rick Young Insurance. Since Brighton High School’s beginning participation, this competition seems to evolve and become something increasingly more impactful for teachers, students and Gleaners Food Bank. 

A new option for donatees is the NHS created website for the Gleaners Food Drive in which anyone can donate electronically. It provides an option for those at a distance from the school or people without loose cash on them. Last year, the website accounted for about a fourth of BHS’s donations. 

Click here to be transferred to the Official Brighton High School Virtual Food Drive Webpage. The process includes inputting your teacher, your address and billing information. 

While the school fundraiser is a competition between classes and a chance to earn food, many people are recognizing the bigger impact that donating can have. 

A member of the Food Drive committee Hannah Thompson commented, “It makes me feel really grateful for what I have and I think we should all help out.” Many people feel the same way, supporting that this fundraiser is also about doing the right thing and helping others.

To do their part, some students go around their neighborhoods, ask family businesses to match classroom donations or other out of the box ways to raise money. 

Senior Ellie Larson, an important figure within the NHS committee, stated that keeping people informed is key. The Food Drive Committee plans on posting more videos on the announcements and other facts to remind students and keep them engaged. Another way BHS hyped up and raised money for this Food Drive was the Dash for Cash at last Friday’s home football game against East Kentwood. 

NHS Advisor and BHS teacher Sean Carney reported, “Every year we earn more and more.” Last year, Brighton High School raised $20,000.12 within this one fundraiser. With this amount of money, we also won the Annual Mountain of Food Drive contest, receiving the $5,000 prize money. 


Teacher Rachaelle Baxter presents money for Friday’s collection. NHS Food Drive committee members zipped around school classrooms in order to make this process simple and take the least amount of time.

Head of the NHS Food Drive Committee Alex Setty found it awesome “that we were able to raise so much much in so little time.” He also hoped for students to continue to donate and allow the school to beat last year’s donations. 

This year’s Food Drive is organized by 20 NHS members, including committee leader Alex Setty and other members including Ellie Larson, Remington Fischer and Jonas Cooke. For the past month, these seniors have been meeting once a week, sometimes twice, to plan out the weeks to come. The 20 members are sectioned into smaller groups to do tasks such as search for sponsors, make posters, making Food Drive videos and such. 

Last week, committee members went to each fourth hour and delivered posters for the Food Drive. The ranking system for classroom fundraising is as follows:

If a class raises $300, that class receives cookies.

If a class raises $500, that class receives Puppy Chow.

At this moment, if a class ranks within the top three, that whole class will get lunch. So far, the lunch sponsors include Hungry Howies and Mancino’s. 

A leader board posted near the cafeteria or in the main hallway will display the current top five highest donating classes. 

This Food Drive began Monday, Nov. 4 and runs until Thanksgiving Break, Wednesday, Nov. 20. It is uncertain how the next two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving will turn out. However, every little bit counts, no matter if it is in cans, money donations or effort to raise money in a unique way. 

NHS Advisor and BHS teacher Kimberly Davis stated, “When our kids can understand that there are plenty of families in Brighton, with students in Brighton Area Schools, who aren’t going to have the holiday meal that you see on Better Homes and Gardens or on TV, that kind of fuels them to get excited and want to help provide for other families and kids.”