BAS Holiday Elf Program

Making BAS students wishes come true


One of Brighton’s service dogs showing Holiday spirit for the elf program.

Jack Rafferty, Staff Writer

The Brighton Area Schools Holiday Elf Program was created so every BAS student could make a Christmas wish. Students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade can create a wishlist with anything that they wish for and the program will do everything to make that child’s wish come true. Students in high school can request gift cards through the program and hope to get the one that they wished for. 

Amy Crotty, a BAS parent, started the program 12 years ago with her daughter Kali because she saw the need for families to get extra help during Christmas. The program started helping just five families at one elementary school in Brighton. Since then, it has grown and now helps families from BAS and Howell. 

Last year, the program raised more than $50,000 to help more than 300 students in the area. 

Crotty’s goal every year is to get sponsors to help assist her throughout the process of making sure the students’ wishes come true. Depending on the level of the sponsor, they can help one kid or up to as many as they want. Sponsors choose how much money they want to donate then they work with Crotty, along with school principals, to help make the students’ wishes come true. After all the money is raised and the budget for each kid is set, volunteer shoppers go out and get what they can from each kids wish list.

After the shoppers have gotten all the children’s presents, they wrap them and deliver them to each individual school. Before Christmas, parents can go to their kid’s school and pick up their wrapped gift.

Overall, Crotty started a program that makes parents lives easier and less stressful during the Holidays. This program has helped so many families in the area, and it will continue to do so.  

Maltby students smile with their gifts for the Holiday Elf program in 2018.