Operation Christmas Wishes will be back this year


Students in Grills’ class in 2018 deliver gifts to the Ford Early Learning Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Jacob Klonowski, Staff Writer

Children from Ford Early Learning Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan, are not as fortunate to live the life that the people do in Brighton. Last year, teacher Danielle Grills and her third hour Advanced Algebra Applications class raised over $10,500 on GoFundMe to help struggling students and families at this school. They plan to match this again this holiday season.

The money this class raised went to give these kids a Christmas gift that they had the opportunity to pick out. The goal was to raise enough money to be able to give each child a $30 gift. All left over money was donated directly to Ford Early Learning Center.

Ypsilanti is within a short 45 minute drive, and with that being so close to the city of Brighton, it is hard for some of the students at BHS to relate or understand the struggles the less fortunate are faced with, especially around Christmas time. With this being a Title I school, a certain amount of kids are at risk or below the poverty line, most of them do not get to experience the luxuries that the students and families of Brighton High School do. 

Grills’ AAA class decided to change the way that these children and parents see the holiday season. They teamed up with Knuth Family Foundation to create a charity-type event that included the kids ordering, wrapping, and giving the kids their wanted Christmas gift. The main type of things the kids liked were legos, barbie dolls, and playdough. 

This year, the plan is relatively the same. But with a fiscal goal of a little over $12,000 and the leadership class involved by spreading the word as well as wrapping some of the gifts. This may give more BHS students the opportunity to participate in Operation Christmas Wishes.

“I would love to give less fortunate kids a present, but I’m not in that math class,” Junior Owen Ehman said. With the new plan, Ehman and other BHS students may get that chance to be a part of making children’s Christmas wishes come true.

“It was an awesome experience watching the kids receive their presents as well as watching my Triple A kids excited as them,” Grills said.