Good morning, BHS!

BHS Staff and students both love their caffeine morning beverages


Avarie Willey

Teacher Andrea. Lundy enjoys drinking coffee in the morning.

Avarie Willey, Staff Writer

Morning routines change from person to person; but at BHS, a caffeinated beverage in the morning is a common factor between people. People drink these caffeinated beverages in the morning for many reasons. People get their preferred caffeine beverages from a coffee shop, grocery store, or make it at home. Some people have been drinking caffeinated beverages every morning for years!

According to BHS students, they prefer coffee overall compared to other caffeine beverages. All BHS grades agreed that coffee was their favorite. Also, a few female students said they enjoy drinking hot tea and green tea. Senior Megan Smith said she added hot chocolate to her morning hot coffee. Overall, BHS students drink caffeine in the morning because they enjoy the taste and they believe that it wakes them up.

For example, Junior Brooke Johnson said, “I love iced coffee. It’s what makes me want to get up and get ready for school in the morning. I love the taste, especially when I add almond milk. But I will only drink iced, all summer and winter long.”

BHS staff agreed that coffee was the winner among them too. Hot coffee specifically though. BHS Counselor Jeff Miner said he would only drink black coffee and had been drinking it daily for almost 35 years. Principal Matt Evans said he used to drink energy drinks but now is going caffeine-free. 

BHS Secretary Patty Kirchmeier said that she preferred “a hot chai tea latte in the morning because it is warm and warms me up.”

There are many other ways that BHS students and staff get their caffeine, but tea and coffee are the most common. Since getting up in the morning can be a struggle, caffeine gives BHS a needed boost to help them get a start on their morning. 

Avarie Willey
Teacher Kimberly Davis enjoying her morning hot coffee.