Exchange students homesick during the holidays

Foreign exchange students excited to experience the holidays in America but still miss home


Lucas Vasconcelos, Staff Writer

Every city and country has different holiday traditions such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter and New Year’s.

Brighton High School has a bunch of foreign exchange students this year. For them, celebrating these moments will be a great and unique experience, especially because they are going to spend these events away from their families, friends, traditions and in a totally different culture.

“The hardest thing for me will be missing my family and my girlfriend,” said Juan Momberg, an exchange student from Chile. “Even though we keep contact using Instagram and WhatsApp, it’s just not the same.”

While exchange students will miss being at home for the holidays, some are looking forward to the new experience in the United States.

“It will be a wonderful time for me to feel the Holiday spirit which I could spend time with my little host brother and my host parents,” said Yexa Hernandez, who is an exchange student from Mexico. She is very excited to enjoy the snow and to live this experience.

All these new traditions will surely be a good opportunity for all the exchange students to be a part of American culture. Each student will gain a worldly knowledge of what holidays are like in other countries.