Upcoming competitive cheerleading Season

A look at what’s to come in 2019-20


Yale Zultowski, Staff Writer

Last year, the varsity cheerleading team went to states with high hopes. They placed fourth and were thrilled with the outcome, but they are ready for a comeback.

The Brighton cheer team starts their sideline season late in May and has had practice all summer until November, and then competitive season starts. Five months of practice with ten competitions fill up the cheerleaders’ schedules during the competitive season. 

With so much practice, it is hard to manage time, but they have to do it while keeping up their grades up. The team has to be on top of their schedule with long practices and school work on top of that. Senior Lexi Maximoff and captain of the varsity cheer team says, “I have a planner to manage my time and I keep everything in there. We sacrifice the little things but it is for the greater good.”

This team compared to others is physically stronger, and they have paid more attention to small details. The sideline season prepares the cheerleading team for competitive, with getting to know each other and to truly become a team. 

They begin working on the basics for stunting at the beginning of the season, which really helps for the more advanced stunts in competitive season. They have been focusing mostly on the performance aspect this season and have really advanced in that area, given that they are such an energetic team. 

“Our coach has added many new aspects to the practices last year that have benefited us a lot and that we continue to do. We do 20 jump series consisting of four jumps in each concluding in 80 jumps within the practice and we have been doing more conditioning and sprinting this season,” said Senior Hannah Berry. 

The cheerleading team mentally and physically pushes themselves to reach their personal and team goals. This year the team’s goal is to win districts, regionals and states. Shooting high gives the girls a sense of confidence that they will achieve it. 

Catie Carruthers, captain since her junior year, believes that the team will exceed their expectations and blow everyone out of the water. They worked very hard at Beast Elite Camp and learned everything they possibly could, they look good compared to other teams, and they will continue to work harder and set bigger goals for themselves.