A look at The Paw

Shara Swearengin, Staff Writer

As the middle of the day rolls around and lunches begin, students stroll into the student-run store: The Paw. The student employees sell coffee, candy, slushies, spirit wear, lanyards, and more. Not only does The Paw provide snacks and a fun environment, it also provides a little bit of marketing experience for participating students. 

Frequent customer and Junior Bella Anderson purchases the hard-to-find Dip’ n’ Dots quite often at The Paw. But, she also said that she would love to see Summer Starbursts added to the candy collection. 

When customers first walk in the door, they are greeted warmly by the staff. 

“The environment of The Paw is really upbeat and fun, and it’s even better when the music is playing,” Anderson said. Senior Kristen Philbin said, “The Paw’s environment can be a little intimidating, especially for underclassmen.” Despite that, she also added that The Paw is a cool place to hang out. 

Not only is the production of The Paw fun for the customers, it’s a lot of fun for the workers too. Anderson said that it’s most likely really fun for the workers to run a laid back store, that’s  educational at the same time. It can show participating workers a little bit of the business and marketing world along with how to operate a business. 

Store worker and Senior Will Clark is responsible for cashing students out at the food and beverage counter Clark is utilizing this experience in hopes to someday move into business and entrepreneurship. “It really helps me with person-to-person experience in business,” Clark said. 

Another worker, Junior Jacob Kerner said he’s also interested in business and using this experience as an aid. Kerner alternates from working in the store and promoting the store itself. “We take any suggestion from any student, and we’re always looking to get more candy and merchandise.”

The Paw is a store made by kids, for kids. While school may be taken seriously, students at Brighton High School have a place to escape to and to create an improved school environment. Philbin said, “The Paw is bound to improve a student’s school day because they can go in there and buy extra snacks you can’t find in the lunchroom.”