Saying goodbye to fall sports and bringing in the new season

Winter Sports season at BHS


BHS Yearbook Staff

Gymnast sophomore Libby Stafford on the bars.

Morgan Loiselle, Social Media Manager

Winter sports are just around the corner at BHS. Competitive cheer, Skiing, Basketball, Gymnastics, Bowling, and so much more. 

“Practices are usually 2 hours long, they are fun, we usually play music. But when it comes closer to race time and race season, we are definitely more focused and we do a lot of gate training and gate time,” said senior Maddie Carrico, a member of the ski team. “There is no tryouts it’s just for whoever wants to come out, but if you want to make varsity, you definitely have to be committed to it, workouts, go to all the workouts, be willing to go to all the practices, and work hard.” The ski season typically runs from December to February. 

Not only has the ski season started, but lots of other sports have too, including competitive cheer. “We usually practice for 3 hours Monday through Friday and with competitive season we usually have a competition every Saturday, but if not we have Saturday morning practice. Practice is hard sometimes but very productive and beneficial for us,” senior cheerleader Avery Smith said. “We’ve been practicing since May and workout most days in the summer with tons of conditioning and running to get us in shape for this season. The hardest part is the conditioning, but the running for sure.” 

Basketball is also off to a strong start.  Senior basketball player Bella Vogt said, “To prep for tryouts we have a pretty demanding offseason. We have open gyms 4 days a week from April-October with a few breaks here and there. We do a lot of weight lifting and track workouts. We participate in a lot of scrimmages and a fall league,” Vogt said. “The hardest prep is the track workouts. It helps when you participate in these preparations because it helps you feel more prepared for not only tryouts, but on the court too.”

Gymnastics is in full swing as well. “Gymnastics is physically and mentally demanding. If your head isn’t in the game, you are putting yourself in danger. this can be stressful,” gymnast Libby Stafford said. “Practices are 3 hours long during the school year. We warm up, stretch, do some basic tumbling and then spend 30 minutes on each event perfecting our routines and working towards higher-level skills. At the end we condition for 30 minutes, and finish with a quick stretch.” 

Along with every sport, there come injuries. “I’ve partially torn my ACL, I’ve sprained and broken both thumbs, gotten a concussion, and you get a lot of knee injuries,” Carrico said. 

Avery Smith is also no stranger to injuries. “The injuries are endless, anything is possible with stunting and tumbling and all that. The hardest part is staying committed to the sport because practices get really mentally and physically challenging, and it’s everyday for like 9 months,” she said.

In addition to Carrico and Smith, Vogt has also from minor injuries. “Injuries are very common. There has been three girls on my team that tore their ACLs. Ankle injuries are super common along with concussions.” said Vogt. It’s all worthwhile, though. “I love the thrill of winning or making a good play. I also really enjoy my teammates, they motivate me to keep going and there like my family,” 

With the winter sports season starting, there will be lots of games and events in the next few months. Athletes are prepared and excited to get the season going.