Operation Christmas Wishes

Giving back this holiday season

Shara Swearengin, Staff Writer

This year at Brighton High School, math teacher Robin Clark and participating students are raising money for less fortunate children through Operation Christmas Wishes. There are multiple ways students were able to get involved, such as raffles, bake sale and the GoFundMe Page. Local restaurants such as Mod Pizza and Panera agreed to host a “Dine to Donate”. This gives families from around Brighton the opportunity to donate to the less fortunate just by ordering a meal. Mod Pizza held their dine to donate on Dec. 3, and Panera held theirs on Dec.10.

Students are especially taking charge to spread the word and raise money. Megan Smith, a senior working in the bake sale, said “I really want everyone to participate and we’ve already raised four thousand [on GoFundMe] and two hundred from the raffle.” At the conclusion of this project, Smith said she is excited to take the gifts to the kids and give them the Christmas they deserve. 

To spread the word, other students have posted announcements on Facebook and other social media platforms and hung signs all over the school to draw students’ attention. 

“It’s easier to get the word out when Leadership is involved because we have plenty of outside connections,” Senior and Leadership student Hailee Paskievitch said. 

With donations ranging around a hundred dollars a day on the GoFundMe page, six thousand has already been raised by Dec. 11. However, the money raised is still four thousand short of the goal. Clark emphasized the fact that for many living in Brighton, most don’t worry about missing out on Christmas gifts. It’s sort of a given. “No one’s asking for iPhones. These kids are asking for one babydoll or a Hotwheels,” Clark said. 

If students are looking to participate in a last-ditch effort to raise more money, the GoFundMe page will be open for the remainder of the weekend. 

Volunteer hours are available to students who would like to help wrap the presents after school in the old choir room on Dec. 12.