Traditions at BHS make it memorable

School traditions that add to the high school experience


Katie Tarnacki

The Art Club painted some of the windows in our sunshine hall for the Christmas season, they thought it’d be fun to do a shrek themed window which has turned into a big hit with all the students who pass the windows in the hall. Junior Emily Whitlow, said “I saw the window painting and was amazed, I love the shrek movie and seeing that the art club chose that as a theme made me so happy!”

Katie Tarnacki, Staff Writer

At every high school, there are traditions that take place every year and activities that incoming freshmen have heard about during middle school. The traditions that take place in the school add to the high school experience and gives you something to talk about after you graduate.

Katie Tarnacki
The rock that is outside our main office for everybody to see is currently painted in celebration for the cross country team winning states. The rock has each year Brighton High School has won as well as the coaches names from this year on it.

Senior Alivia Fusco said, “The traditions that we have here will always mean something to me. They made high school fun and I will always remember the first time I got to paint the rock outside and drive by it everyday.” 

Teachers who have been at the school for over 15 years said that by watching traditions grow and continue on they notice a difference in not only the high school experience, but as well as the attitude of the students waking up and coming to school everyday and the behaviors of the students at school.

 “The traditions we have at our school influence the student body to get involved at school and encourage others to do so as well,” Joell Braasch, a teacher at Brighton High School said.

Some recognized traditions that take place at Brighton High School are: the painted rock outside, painting the windows in sunshine hall, Senior Survivor, and the wall of fame in A hall. 

The rock that is at the front of the school is available for students to paint. It is usually done during major school events and then can be a canvas for students to showcase their talents during the “slow” season of the school year. Window painting goes along with the painted rock. The students can paint the huge windows in sunshine hall during big school events such as Homecoming Week, for holidays, or to match the season. 

A school tradition that also raises money for a good cause is Senior Survivor. The event lasts a week and is a fun competition between senior teams. The entire school gets to watch them compete and donate money to their favorite team. The assembly at the end of the week is one to remember. 

Senior Emily Storm described her freshman year and watching Senior Survivor take place for the first time, “I remember thinking the whole week that what they’re doing must be so fun and a good way to finish high school with a bang. I couldn’t wait until I was a senior and could participate in it myself.” 

The Senior Survivor event is a great way to bring in revenue for a great cause as well as a great way to bring together the student body and become involved at school. 

School traditions have taken place at many high schools for many years and keep expanding. Traditions bring together the student body as one and make the high school experience as memorable as it should be. They’re a great way to bring excitement for school. At Brighton High School, the traditions are very important to us and the student body makes sure to continue them every year such as the rock outside available to paint.

Katie Tarnacki
The wall of fame in the main hall of the school is exciting for the students because they see the pictures of the graduates who excelled in school and strive to make a spot on the wall as well. Junior Nicole Deychakiwsky, said, “When I was a freshman and saw that wall for the first time it inspired me, I knew I wanted to make sure I was on that wall when I graduate and so far I think I will be.”