A Love Letter To You 4

Trippie Redd’s newest studio album


Trippie Redd’s sixth album A Love Letter To You 4

Jack Rafferty, Staff Writer

Performing artist Trippie Redd, born Michael White, released his sixth major album on Nov. 22. His album called A Love Letter To You 4 made it to number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Trippie’s fans were very excited about this album because his last album didn’t do very well. 

His album released in August, titled “!” was a letdown for many. After a large amount of hate, Trippie even took one of the songs off the album after the release. This was due to people saying it was the only good song on the album. His fans enjoyed his new album a lot more. 

A Love Letter to You 4 starts off with a song called Leray, about Trippie’s ex-girlfriend. In the song, he talks about how he misses the person his ex used to be and how sometimes he is miserable without her. By having the first song on his album named after his ex-girlfriend, it is shown that he still cares for her, even though he is in a relationship with another girl. In the song he isn’t singing, he is talking to the beat. He is doing this to get his point across very clear. Later in the song he says, “You have to live life as an idiot” so he feels as he is better off without her. 

Going down the tracklist, the song called 6 Kiss featuring Juice Wrld and YNW Melly is iconic because Juice Wrld passed away on Dec. 8 when he was just 21 and YNW Melly is in prison for most of 2019. So both of the people featured on the song aren’t with us at this time. When Trippie’s album released Juice Wrld was still alive so he got to enjoy the song along with everyone else who listened. 6 Kiss is one of the most popular from the album and it is no surprise because all three of the people on the song are very talented. 

Another very popular song on the album is Death, featuring DaBaby. The beat of this song is very fast flows well and since it’s featuring DaBaby, another popular artist, it was almost guaranteed to do well and be very popular. This is one of those songs where you don’t have to like either artist to enjoy the song. The beat is so unique and different I’m sure anyone would enjoy this one.  

The album ends with a song called Can You Rap Like Me pt. 2 featuring Chris King. This song means a lot to Trippie because there was a song on his first album called Can You Rap Like Me pt. 1. That was Trippie’s favorite song he made. Part one of this song from Trippie’s album A Love Letter To You shows what kind or artist Trippie is. Every Rapper has their own style and Trippie’s style is shown very well in that song and that’s why it was his favorite. 

This album also does a great job of showing off the type of music that Trippie Redd produces. His style of music is loved and enjoyed by a lot of people. This album helped regain some of his fanbase after people were upset about his album he dropped earlier this year. A Love Letter To You 4 will be one of the most popular albums to be released this year.